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Requirements Travel Cost
Level: 40+ Icon-energy 2
Mob: 1 Icon-money 1,000
Bank: $0

Amsterdam | Bronx | Buenos Aires | Chicago | Chinatown | Coney Island | Downtown | Grand Caymans | Hawaii | Jersey | Vegas | Miami | Moscow | Shanghai | Sicily | Tokyo

The epic struggle between the North and South Side gangs fills the air with bullets and colors the streets with blood.

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Chicago: Missions

O-Level Mission E-ROI $-ROI Class Notes
40+ Make Yourself Comfortable in Chicago ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission none
40+ Take a Night Out on the Town ?? ?? Icon-hat none
40+ Lay Low at the Lake ?? ?? Icon-briefcase none
40+ Bank Heist ?? ?? Icon-knife none
40+ Prison Break at the Farm ?? ?? Icon-hat none
40+ Gamble at the Track ?? ?? Icon-die none
40+ Shoot-out with Treasury Agents ?? ?? Icon-bottle none
40+ Burglarize the National Guard Armory ?? ?? Icon-knife none
40+ Hit on the North Side Gang ?? ?? Icon-bottle none
40+ Elude the Treasury Agents ?? ?? Icon-bottle none
40+ Restock the Speakeasy ?? ?? Icon-briefcase none
40+ Bootleg a Carload of Canadian Whisky ?? ?? Icon-needle none
40+ Brew a Batch of Bathtub Gin ?? ?? Icon-briefcase none
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??
?? ??

Name Description
O-Level The level when this mission becomes available.
Mission The name of the mission - self explanatory.
E-ROI Experience Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much experience you get for the amount of energy you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
$-ROI Money Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much money you get for the amount of money you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
Class Types of Missions
Icon-bottle Violence
Icon-die Gambling
Icon-knife Petty Crime
Icon-hat Family Business
Icon-briefcase Business and Finance
Icon-needle Smuggling and Drugs
(A requirement for some missions, credited to specific achievement medals)

Chicago: Equipment

Name Attack Defense Bronx Chinatown Coney Island Downtown Jersey Miami Vegas Sell Enhancement/Notes
name att def B C CI D J M V sel
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