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Territories What are the best territories for attack in Mobsters2: Vendetta?
Equipment Where do I get the Spetsnaz Silenced 6P9?
Locations What is the purpose of the exclamation mark that shows up on the World Map?
Avatar Must an avatar item be worn in order for it's attribute boosts to be in effect?
Wiki Why does it seem that all pages are locked if this is a wiki?
Fighting How do I "ICE" someone?
Fighting How come some people have more mobs than an area allows
Mini-Games I spun the "Wheel of Weapons" and got a moll,what is it?
Avatar How to Change Your Avatar
Fighting Is there a way to prevent others from seeing that I scouted them?
Hit List How can I tell how much it will cost others to place a bounty on me/add me to the hit list?
Equipment What is the best weapons to buy and the best armor?
Invites What is the URL format for Mobsters2 so that people can make an invitation request?
Wiki What should I do if I see a page that I feel should be deleted?
Equipment Where do I obtain the AK-47 Gun?
Technical Support How do I submit a "BUG REPORT"?
Technical Support When does the server day reset?
Technical Support What do I do if I'm having problems with Mobsters 2 ?
Attack List Is there any way to see how many Money Signs ($$$) on the attack list you have?
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