Favor Points are a system of currency in Mobsters 2 used to pay for special items, sometimes considered powerful or rare. They represent the Godfather's thankfulness for the player's actions and how far out of his way he is willing to go to reward the player.

Favor Points may be earned by completing certain missions (go to the category "Favor Points" to see which missions award favor points) or won in game in certain mini-games such as the Slot Machine in Coney Island, or bought using real world currency. Completely mastering some missions (completing the platinum level) rewards the player with favor points. Earning some achievement medals may also reward you with a favor point.

Favor Points may not be sold or traded between players as there currently is no way to transfer them between mobsters or accounts.

In general, Favor Points are considered hard to come by; thus, many players tend to save them for a much desired item.

All Featured Items also known as Limited Edition (LE) and Black Market items cost Favor Points, though the price depends on the altogether effectiveness of the items.