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Consolidated Equipment List    |  Gift Items provide a means of protecting yourself, generate cash within the game and are sometimes required to complete missions

Gun Assembly

Icon Item Name Category Attack Defense Sell Enhancement/Notes
Cobra Cobra Henchmen 0 06 $1,500
  • Available at level 20 and higher
Chest Protector Chest Protector Armor 01 10 $3,600
Stolen Necklace Stolen Necklace Mission Loot No Sell
  • Mission Requirement Item
Hired Muscle Hired Muscle Henchmen No Sell
  • Temporary Boost
  • 1 Temporary hired guns for 60 minutes
Lucky Hitman Lucky Hitman Henchmen 06 03 $10,000
  • Equipment Item
Winchester 94 Winchester 94 Guns 12 03 $10,000
  • none
1964 Impala 1964 Impala Vehicles 02 04 $2,500
  • none,
Cigar Boat Cigar Boat Vehicles 05 06 $7,500
  • none
Energy Drink Energy Drink Usable Item No Sell
  • Attributes: +75 Energy
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit Usable Item No Sell
  • Attributes: +100 Health
Forged Car Title Forged Car Title Mission Loot No Sell
  • Mission Requirement Item
Dutch Export Dutch Export Usable Item 0 0 No Sell
  • Attributes: +30 Health +3 Stamina
    Increases energy by 20% of max
Cup Of Coffee Cup of Coffee Usable Item No Sell
  • Increases your energy by 40%, 33%, 22.5%, 16.9%, 12.7%, 9.5%, 7.1%, 5.3%, 4%, 3%, 2.3%, 1.7%, 1.3%, 1%, 0.7%, 0.5%, 0,4%, 0.3%, 0.2%, 0.1%  of your max energy (amount decreases with each drink you use)
TNT TNT Exposives 16 02 $4,200
Mystery Case Mystery Gift Random No Sell
  • Item will be revealed upon claim. Item could be re-sold or not depending on which item you receive.
You may have friends "gift" you selected items, or you send gifts to your friends. You may send a maximum of 5 gifts per day to any given Mob member and may receive a maximum of 20 gifts per day. Once you have sent 5 gifts to any particular user, he/she will be removed from your list of people to send gifts to until the following day. You may receive/send duplicate or different gifts to any player that shows on your friend list.
To reach the free gift section, in game, click on your RECRUIT tab then click the SEND GIFTS TO FRIENDS button. Select the gift you wish by clicking on the picture of the item to send and click the PROCEED TO SEND button. On the next screen, select the MOBSTERS FRIENDS button, and click on the name(s) of the person/people you want to send a gift to. Finally, click the SEND MOBSTERS2 GIFT REQUEST button.
Some players feel that it's bad manners to send gifts without specifically being requested. These players feel that you should send welcome gifts to your mob on a daily basis. Other players feel that sending a "welcome" gift to someone that just joins their mob, is a nice way to welcome them into their mob. Some mob families have created special "Gift Registry Lists on their family websites. Regardless of what you choose, gifting is a very valuable thing to do.

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