How come some people have more mobs than an area allows? Edit

When attacking in a city within Mobsters2, you are allowed to have XXX number of mob members (sometimes referred to as crew members) PLUS

XXX number of "hired guns".  Crew + Hired Guns = Total number of mob you can attack with within a city.

Example:  The Bronx, New York - Allows  5 mob (crew) + 5 hired guns = 10 total people that you can attack with.

The next natural question is... "How do I get hired guns?"  That answer is easy!  Hired Guns may ONLY be purchased using Favor Points (FP).

When starting the game, you are given XXX amount of FPs. 

There seem to be two separate philosophies regarding how to spend your initial favor points.

Many new players use the FPs to purchase equipment items or money, while some use the initial FPs for Hired Guns.

Both have there advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. Equipment Advantages - Outfitting your mobster early on helps add to your total attack or defense stats enabling you to succeed when encountering battles with other mobsters.
  2. Equipment Disadvantages - Depending on the items you purchase, you may have less attack/defense stats than someone who purchases hired guns.

  1. Money Advantages - Purchasing extra money early on enables you to purchase territories which generate additional cash for you giving you the resources to purchase better equipment later on down the line.
  2. Money Disadvantages - Using the money for territories means not purchasing equipment which makes you susceptible early on to attacks from others however you may be stronger later in the game.

  1. Hired Guns Advantages - Purchasing hired guns early on mean you will be more successful than most with your initial attacks against other mobsters.  Hired guns typically have greater attack/defense stats than any equipment items (sometimes even greater than Limited Edition or Special equipment items).  With hired guns, you can forgo the equipment items early on and still be successful.
  2. Hired Guns Disadvantages - Using FPs for hired guns means you will start out the game with limited money resources and generating capabilities.  While being successful with initial attacks and defenses, you may find yourself behind the curve mid-game as you try to generate cash to purchase additional equipment items.