Jersey City

Requirements Travel Cost
Level: 20 Icon-energy 2
Mob: 1 Icon-money 60

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Jersey: MissionsEdit

O-Level Mission E-ROI $-ROI Class Notes
56 Frame a Rival Family Member ?? ?? Icon-hat
52 Boost Warehouse Electronics ?? ?? Icon-briefcase
20 Intercept a Casino Shipment ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
55 Dispose of a Body in the Pine Barrens ?? ?? Icon-hat
45 Dispose of a Car for Insurance Money ?? ?? Icon-knife
35 Disrupt a Shipment ?? ?? Icon-hat Dtd truck
45 Deliver a Wrapped Fish ?? ?? Icon-hat
20 Dispose of a Hot Weapon ?? ?? Icon-hat
31 Collect Protection Money ?? ?? Icon-hat
32 Take Out a Snitch Who's Going to Testify ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
20 Collect Debts for a Bookie ?? ?? Icon-knife Icon-die
56 Pop the Bonaventura Boss ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
30 Kidnap the Son of a Boss ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
54 Decision Time: Tell Nick to Beat It ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
54 Trigger a Gang War ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
56 Engineer a Prison Breakout Icon-bottle Icon-hat
60 Fight Local Unions Icon-bottle Icon-hat

Name Description
O-Level The level when this mission becomes available.
Mission The name of the mission - self explanatory.
E-ROI Experience Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much experience you get for the amount of energy you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
$-ROI Money Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much money you get for the amount of money you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
Class Types of Missions
Icon-bottle Violence
Icon-die Gambling
Icon-knife Petty Crime
Icon-hat Family Business
Icon-briefcase Business and Finance
Icon-needle Smuggling and Drugs
(A requirement for some missions, credited to specific achievement medals)

Jersey: EquipmentEdit

Name Attack Defense Bronx Chinatown Coney Island Downtown Jersey Miami Vegas Sell Enhancement/Notes

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