Let's begin this post by saying that I have an addictive personality.  So I have always kept my distance from gambling in real life.  I ended up earning 289 Favor Points by applying and getting accepted for a Discover Platinum Card.  So I bought 2 Dragon Warriors (171 FP left) and decided to try my luck on the slot machine.  Let me explain how it works for those of you who are curious.  You can bet 1, 2 or 3(max spin) FPs.  Per the Pay Table, you can really cash in on betting 3 FPs per spin.  Getting a Cleaver in the first column means you win a few FP and getting a Mobsters 2 icon in any column means you win a free spin.  So it's always nice to land those.

Well I decided to give it a shot.  Within my first 10 spins of just betting one I scored 3 Trucks in a row.  Which means I won 100 FP.  Wow, I went from 161 FP to 271 FP!  Amazing right?  I pretty much just paid for those 2 Dragon Warriors. That was all I had to see.  I had my eyes set on hitting the jackpot and got greedy.  I ended up with 340 FP and part of me said it's time to quit.  Nah.  Then low and behold I lost it all.  Yup, I'm an idiot.  But it is a game so who cares right? 

Those of you who are looking for a strategy on the slot machine, here is my best advice.  If you have around 20 FP, just keep betting 1 FP.  You can eventually hit something that will move you up to 30 FP.  Of course this doesn't work everytime, but by betting one you can keep playing and trying to hit something good.  Risk Taker's beware!