Requirements Travel Cost
Level: 30 Icon-energy 3
Mob: 1 Icon-money 100

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Ah, Vegas... where you can pick your customer's pockets and they thank you for the privilege! Gambling and hi-tech weapons!

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Vegas: Missions

O-Level Mission E-ROI $-ROI Class Notes
59 Decision Time: Interrogate a Corrupt Pit Boss ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
59 Decision Time: Eliminate a Corrupt Pit Boss ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
30 Cheat at Cards ?? ?? Icon-knife Icon-die Loot: Football Tickets
30 Swipe a High Roller's Suitcase ?? ?? Icon-die Loot: Crack Vial
30 Break a Cheater's Hand ?? ?? Icon-bottle Icon-die none
30 Small-Time Bookmaking ?? ?? Icon-knife Icon-die none
30 Take Care of a High Roller ?? ?? Icon-die Requires: Cohiba Sublime
51 Put the Fix in on a Football Game ?? ?? Icon-die Loot: Dose of Steroids
30 Take Over a Rival Casino ?? ?? Icon-hat Icon-die Landlord class required
30 Raid a Government Weapons Lab ?? ?? none
64 Open a Brothel ?? ?? Icon-briefcase Bagman Mastery Mission
30 Deliver a "Message" ?? ?? Icon-bottle Icon-die none
30 Counterfeiting Casino Chips ?? ?? Icon-die none
53 Cover Up a Hotel Suicide ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
50 Convince Headliners to Sign New Contract ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
65 Blackmail the Gambling Commission ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
35 Find Casino Embezzler ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
30 Persuade the International Olympic Committee ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission Also in Coney Island and Miami
75 Destroy a Rival Casino ?? ??
5 Help A Mob Member Disappear ?? ?? Also in Coney Island and Miami


Name Description
O-Level The level when this mission becomes available.
Mission The name of the mission - self explanatory.
E-ROI Experience Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much experience you get for the amount of energy you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
$-ROI Money Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much money you get for the amount of money you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
Class Types of Missions
Icon-bottle Violence
Icon-die Gambling
Icon-knife Petty Crime
Icon-hat Family Business
Icon-briefcase Business and Finance
Icon-needle Smuggling and Drugs
(A requirement for some missions, credited to specific achievement medals)

Vegas: Equipment

Name Attack Defense Bronx Chinatown Coney Island Downtown Jersey Miami Vegas Sell Enhancement/Notes

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